Gadget Appraisal Trainer and Auditor (job)

Marquesa Pawnshop and Financial Services Inc.
Cavite, Rosario, Gen. Trias Dr, Rosario, 4106 Cavite
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Main Roles:

  • To check appraised gadgets pawned in Garcia's Pawnshop brfanches if properly appraised based on appraisal procedure and agreed table pricing based on current market value.
  • To provide continuous training to all appraisers in Garcia's for the company to remain competitive and up to date.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To consistently update the gadget appraisal list based on the current market price of gadgets, latest gadgets out in the market, customers feedback and market study of competitors price and accepted gadgets in the area;
  • To cunduct audit of all accepted gadgets during the past week per branch by appraisal price used, physical condition of item, if all accessories are noted in description;
  • To document all unusual items or appraisal not within agreement and submit in an audit report weekly;
  • To observe if Appraisers are putting into practice the appraisal procedure introduced during training.
  • To conductr the gadget appraisal training for new trainees assigned for Appraiser role;
  • To conduct gadget training on the latest gadgets included in the price list 
  • To maintain inventory of all pulled-out gadgets in Main office for counter selling or disposal to buyers and other potential buyers;
  • To visit atleast once a month buyers of subastado gadgets for selling'
  • To run regular practical appraisal exams to ensure appraisers are always updated about counterfeit, trends and new pricing techniques on gthe company.

Applicant must be willing travel to do and schedule branch visits. He / She also has to have a very good presentation skills that will help his / her in training the Appreisers.

1 - 2 years
College / Graduated studies
Entry Middle Senior Executive
English [ A1 ]
May 08, 2018
June 17, 2018
This job is expired.